Well hello there! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the big ole world wide web. Firstly, I’m really over the moon that you found me and secondly, that you’re taking the time to (hopefully) browse my products and find out a little more about how Pon Pon came to be, and what it’s taken to reach this point!

A long time coming…

For as long as I can remember I’ve been creating and making. From traditional jewellery making courses to beading, calligraphy and lettering, sewing, drawing, and illustration.

Trouble is, sticking with one thing has been the challenge for me. My fear of things not ever being good enough meant I would slowly abandon the once obsessed over creative pursuit, my cupboards becoming a sad graveyard of supplies gathering dust (please tell me I’m not the only one!).

All that being said, one thing often leads to another and my desire for some very specific earrings led me to research how to make them and I discovered both laser cut acrylic and polymer clay.

Here was a way to use my graphic design experience and be able to envision a design, then create a file in Adobe Illustrator for laser cutting to bring that idea bouncing around in my brain to reality.

Tell me again, how long did it take?!?

Starting a small business takes time, especially when you have been the one to do everything from go to whoa.

Designing, preparing digital files for cutting, prototyping, experimenting, sourcing suppliers for various components, logo design, print design, packaging, website design and development, and marketing – you get the picture! Doing this alongside full-time work and life in general means that this journey has taken me 2.5 years 🙀 but I can tell you, it’s more than worth it.

Where to from here

As Kevin Carmody & Paul Kelly wrote, “from little things, big things grow”. Now the foundation has been laid, my little brain is bursting with creative ideas that are ready to be brought to life. I see Pon Pon as a creative expression of my life to date. The longer you are on this fragile planet, the more experiences you accumulate, from the joyful to the tragic. All this is invaluable to your unique creative journey and expression.

Pon Pon Values

Pon Pon is all about inclusivity, embracing diversity, mutual respect, and a shared love of colour and design. I’ll also be championing causes close to my heart, and to raise awareness around women’s health and invisible illness.

If you’ve made it this far, wow, thank you! Hope to see you again soon.

* Original Photo by Milada Vigerova from Pexels

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