There are so many brands on my fashion radar, but just a select few that I come back to time and time again. Their combination of colour, pattern and pattern placement, and silhouettes are en pointe 👌🏼


This Finnish design house is always on the top of my radar. I’ve been to their textile printing factory in Helsinki, and it was pure heaven! They also do some fantastic collaborations, including Uniqlo and Adidas.


Their shoes are not just amazingly easy and comfortable to wear, but come in a rainbow of colours – I am not ashamed to admit I have 4 pairs and regularly eye up their website trying to justify another purchase!

Radical Yes

If money was no obstacle, I think I’d buy every pair of shoes on offer from Radical Yes. I’ll keep dreaming!


Colour and happiness is how I’d describe the goods from Gorman. Regular artist collaborations are a real highlight.

Alpha 60

Geometric and structured silhouettes, with gorgeous attention to detail.
*Original Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Some lovely things to add to your collection!

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