• Calling all Polygon enthusiasts – this heptagon/pentagon combo is your new go-to earring for everyday wear.

    Currently available in five unique variations.

    Measurements: 3.3cm width x 4.5cm length.

  • A little bit mod, with a lot of style. This layered earring features a classic dome shape complemented by a contrasting circle.

    Available in five unique variations.

    Measurements: 3cm width x 4.8cm length.

  • Be transported back to the swinging sixties with this mod design. Inspired by the graphic boldness of midcentury style, these lightweight earrings will take you from lattes to expresso martinis. Think Twiggy, Pierre Cardin, Foale & Tuffin, Mary Quant, and Emma Peel.

    With five unique colourways, there's a Mod Me Up earring to suit any occasion.

    Measurements: 3.5cm width x 7cm length.